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A Action Has the best Mortgage Refinance leads in the business .Live Transfer Mortgage Leads FHA,Conventional,VA Reverse Mortgage and More.$55 to $35 and Less per live transfer made VIA PHONE.. Depending on states and QTY. INBOUND MORTGAGE LEADS VIA PHONE LIVE TRANSFER MORTGAGE LEADS

We have great Internet leads for Mortgage Refinance Exclusive and Semis.
Aged Mortgage Leads all kinds,Cheap leads for dealers..


Get aged for your dialer for as low as .02 depending on age of lead states and QTY.

We also have Voice broadcast MORTGAGE leads for as low as $16 -$8 each Transfer.
TV and Radio Leads for Mortgage .We can even make your commercial and brand it.
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We have the best Loan Mod Leads ,Tax Settlement Leads,Debt Settlement leads,Auto Warranty Insurance and Loan Leads,Student Debt Leads .
We also have Spanish Speaking Mortgage leads and data and Spanish Leads for many financial sectors such as the ones mentioned above.
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Lead Type Loan Amount LTV Cap Credit Price (Volume below 100 day) Price (Volume @ or above 100 day)
Conventional Call Center Transfers Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $45.50-$40 $36.00
Conventional Call Center VTD (Voice to data) Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $37.00 $32.00
Conventional Exclusive Internet Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $36.00 $32.00
Conventional Semi-Exclusive Internet Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $25.50 $18.00
FHA Call Center Transfer Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $50.00-$45 $40.00
FHA Call Center VTD Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $45.00 $40.00
FHA Exclusive Internet Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $39-less $32.00
FHA Semi-Exclusive Internet Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $28.00 $22.50
VA Call Center Transfer Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $50.00-$45 We will talk
VA Call Center VTD Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $42.00 * We will talk
VA Exclusive Internet Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $39.00-$36 $32.00
VA Semi-Exclusive Internet Leads 125k and up 90% Good & Excellent $28.00-$26 $22.50
Reverse Mort Call Center Transfer Leads 125k and up 60% Good & Excellent $120.00 $90.00
Reverse Mort Call Center VTD Leads 125k and up 60% Good & Excellent $85.00-$80 $63.00

Mortgage Mailer Leads ..with tracking Kall8 etc.Great Mortgage leads..Get calls in the areas you want!
I only use the highest quality data so you have the opportunity to write a loan on every call. When we drop your mail I will handle everything top to bottom for you. Our production team will make sure your mail gets out on time, and that you’re always in the loop. Our mail pieces are compliant and creative. We offer unique options to increase your response rate, protect you from downswings, and separate yourself from the pack. You can do your own specific area and get locals to come see you in person .

And we make mailing easy to track, manage, and maximize with our three campaign tracking tools including:
Mail Tracking System to guarantee 100% of your mail is delivered. You will always know where you stand
Each mail piece has a unique code, so when your borrower calls, input the code into the web-based CRM system (provided by us at no additional cost **you can also use your own CRM), and the buyer's information will pop up so you can approach the inbound call prepared and professional
Also, you have a call tracking and recording platform at no additional cost. It will allow you to see live calls, run reports, and listen to recordings for training purposes.

With your direct mail campaigns you will have 1 all inclusive cost that will include the design and printing of your piece, postage, targeted data, and the tracking tools provided above.

We are mailing HIGH VOLUME of the campaigns below because of market trend, but we can build around whatever is hottest for you right now.


We are seeing great response to the new FHA Streamline mail campaign. The new guidelines are opening up the floodgates. Parameters can be adjusted to your preference.
$150,000 - $417,000 mortgage balance
650+ FICO
FHA/VA Loans only
Current rate of 4.5% or higher
Originated before 5/31/2009
HARP 2.0
We have generated several thousand inbound calls from our HARP 2.0 mail campaigns in the past few months. Our data is accurate, and we are generally targeting the following client parameters:
Up to 140% LTV
$150,000 - $417,000 mortgage balance
650+ FICO
Fannie or Freddie loans only (can target both or either one)
Current rate of 4.5% or higher
Originated before 5/31/2009

We can adjust these parameters to fit your specific requests. Raise the minimum FICO, loan balance, lower the LTV range, etc… We give you the opportunity to write a loan on every call.
Up to 85% LTV
$150,000 - $417,000 mortgage balance
650+ FICO
Targeted lenders if needed
Income range
Specify current minimum rate
All of my mail campaigns are responding consistently right around 1% to 1.5% depending on the program and volume. That means for every 10,000 mailers you’ll receive anywhere from 100 to 150 calls and sometimes more. Everything that’s included with your mail drop will be covered in one inclusive per mailer price which starts at $0.75-.70 and less depending on volume per mailer with volume discounts. In other words 10,000 mailers will run you $7,500 and less This is the best way that we have found to get your team taking apps and moving loans forward rather than hunting them down and turning them down.

Mortgage Live Transfer lead *LIVE HOT TRANSFER English or Spanish via Phone $50-$45 Each depending on QTY. states ,filters
3 minute Timer or your not charged
We can do state specific or Nationwide
US based call center

We use best mortgage data and mortgage internet leads and they are screened and qualified by trained call center representatives, and hot transferred directly to your loan officers. The following are 6 key points explaining the program:

1. Hot Transferred Leads
The process involved in delivering the hot transferred lead to your company is as follows:
The prospective borrower calls in off an advertisement (30 to 45 second scripted voice broadcasting message) into our call center.
The call center representative then qualifies the prospect and puts the caller on hold while they dial into your room. Once contact has been established, our Call Center Rep will give your loan officer the pertinent information (name, phone number, and lead ID number) and merge the line and introduce the caller to your rep. Our Call Center Rep will then terminate self from the call. This is great way to have live, instant contact with an interested caller.
2. Specialized Data
A+Action Leads advertises to specialized data that targets homeowners with the following loan criteria:
Active Homeowner
Single Family, Town home, Condo
Current Mortgage Balance $100,000 or higher
LTV 90% or less
No bankruptcies
No foreclosures
1. Screened Leads
A+Action Leads call center representatives are trained to screen every call on a per client basis depending on the following qualifications.
1. First and Last Name
2. Phone Number
3. State
4. New Home Purchase or Refinance Loan
5. 100,000 and Up Loan Amount
6. Current Interest Rate
7. 700 plus fico
$15.00-$8 each Exclusive Voice Broadcast Leads –SPANISH IS NOW AVAIL.. Same Price!

Pay internet lead prices for INBOUND Live Transfer Leads! For only $15-$8/call, our new system puts your loan officers in direct contact with live borrowers! New automated Voice Broadcast technology allows our company to bring this revolutionary process to you for a fraction of what other companies are charging for Live Transfer’s.
Filter who the calls are made to by State in either English or Spanish
Have inbound calls during business hours only, and transfer calls to cell phones if you want! All Voice Broadcast Transfers are 100% Exclusive. Contact me at the number below for more detailed information!
With good L/O's there getting more than 40% apps.

We're now able to automatically generate inbound phone calls to your loan officers. Consumers calling your office will be pre-filtered to your exact specifications. You will have an excellent idea of who will be calling before they call.

Using newly developed technology, our Voice Broadcast lead generation program utilizes our vast 25 million record database. Once your list has been checked against the national “Do Not Call” list, we record an automated message for your company.

After your approval, we broadcast this message for you during hours you choose. If the consumer is interested, they press one and are immediately connected to your loan officer. By pressing two, they are removed from our lists.

All calls are recorded and stored for you in an accessible “Call Library.” We encourage the continued use of this one of a kind training tool. Loan officers with useful resources at their finger tips close more loans. It’s time for you to have a reliable connection to consumers that NEED your services.
Minimum Buy, 100 Hot Transfers prepaid
• Any State or area codes
• Capacity to take a minimum of 5 Hot Transfers per day

Any change from the filters above will require special pricing.

Requirements: Dedicated main phone line and email address..

Note: All Hot Transfer leads are 100% exclusive.

*** NEW ***Voice Broadcast 60 Second Lead $40 each, ***BEST LEAD In My OPINION!***********************
Same as above but ,you only pay for the calls that remain on the line for at least 60 seconds .Anything less and you don’t pay for.. A great lead !You can tell in that amount of time who is a serious borrower. Min 50 leads. Ask for samples of recordings.
This generation system can be used in numerous marketing campaigns in other industries such as debt, time share , vacation packages, automobile,insurance and more.
This works great and keeps those phones ringing and the cash flowing.
You’ll be more than happy with these leads.

Mortgage Internet Leads


This lead is generated from internet sites and banners . As they come in they are called upon and verified from a called center in America and verified and made sure that the borrower is really interested in a loan.
Once everything is verified and it’s a great lead , it is then transferred to you right away within minutes of them applying . You get it via email.

$10 -$5 Semi Exclusive -Like the ones above except sold twice and then to you only, that same day.

***SPECIAL*** 7th Day : This lead is sold to Amer and another company as a semi. After the 7th day it is up for grabs. They are cost effective and great for training and keeping your LOS busy all of the time. The quantities and states you want will affect your pricing.
It's better price wise , if you can go multiple states.. We can set perimeters . A couple of very large Mortgage Companies are currently using these leads with their staff of 100 plus L/O's and happy.
$8 and can go down as low as $5 per lead.

***NEW LEAD AM QUEST with adjustable date lead $6-$2 each nationwide ….This lead is a AmeriQuest borrower and has an adjustable date coming up and option arms etc…Nationwide leads …A great lead for a great price .Adjustable dates up to December 2008.Ask for more info…

Lender Specific leads for $3-$1 each .Many Lender specific leads ..

****Special***14-60 Day
Same as above, except the leads are older .A good to close deals because a lot of L/O's have stopped calling the borrower by now and is ripe for the taking. And at this price it’s a steal...Depending on states and perimeters and quantity .This lead starts out at the nice cheap price of
$3.00 and can easily go down to $1.00 per lead


VOICE BROADCAST Spanish Leads $15-$10 Each Min...100 Leads See Attached New Spanish.
This lead is generated by us sending an outgoing message in Spanish to Spanish Speakers nationwide, homeowners. If they are interested in speaking to a loan officer regarding a refinance or purchase, they press the number one on the phone. Then the call is immediately transferred to whatever phone number that you supply us with. You can even record your own 45 second outgoing message. Using our online system you can set your own hours, hear the recorded conversations between your loan officers and the borrowers, run daily reports, disable and enable the calls whenever you feel like it .These leads will keep your phones and loan officers busy..Pay Internet Lead prices for live Calls….It’s a numbers game and a lot of calls are bad. You should close 1-5% on the first campaign and in some cases higher.

Spanish Mortgage Live Transfers $50-$45 and Lower-Nationwide..
These leads are generated using the best Spanish Mortgage data around by a call center rep located in Mexico .The rep calls and qualifies the potential borrower using your filters and requirements to qualify them ,Once they are qualified and our rep is assured that they would like to speak to a loan officer then the call is immediately transferred to your loan officer with the borrower on the line. This call center was set up by a mortgage professional who is very familiar with what a good lead is ,fluent in English and Spanish, and trained the reps. We have a good ROI with these leads and this is a huge growing market and no other lead company has been able to get these great results. Trust me!

Telemarketed Spanish Mortgage Leads

Exclusives …$45each Semi-Exclusives $20 Each
These Leads are internet leads and Hispanic data that are called upon by call center reps in Mexico .The borrowers are interested in getting a loan and are verified. We provide you with the voice recordings of the leads so that there are no questions about the borrower being interested in a loan.
Then these are delivered to you via email. This is a great lead!

Television Commercial Leads ..Purchase or Refinance…$55-$42 Spanish Also
This lead is generated from a nationwide television commercial * .Borrowers call into a call center and our call center reps have a script used below.
These are the best refinance leads in the industry


Trigger data or trigger leads are offering the highest ROI of any type of data currently available. These are consumers who have recently had their credit pulled regarding purchasing or refinancing their home or auto.

Until now, this type of data was only available to companies that were able to make a long term commitment to the credit bureaus.

Now anyone can take advantage of this new program. All filters are included at no additional charge.
Current Mortgage Amount
Credit Score
Age of current loan
Balance of aggregate debt
The phone numbers are appended and scrubbed against the DNC list. Approximately 85% of all numbers will be valid; we do NOT give credit for bad numbers.
Call for Quote Now:
Min order of 500 leads at $2.75 per lead. (25 per day minimum)
1000 or more $2.25 per lead, 50 per day minimum
2500 or more $1.75 per lead, 50 per day minimum
5000 or more $1.25 per lead, 50 per day minimum

For an addition fee of $3 per lead, we will call the data 3 times for you and send any live transfers from people interested in speaking to a loan officer directly to you. In addition we will mail one time a marketing piece with your company information.

AGED Live Transfer Leads .25 each and Less Nationwide!
These are 1 month to 8 month old live transfers from the best call center in America! They were screened by filters and then transferred to loan officers. These were interested borrowers only …These are great telemarketing leads and great for your dialers.

California Special over 500,000 leads for $600.Most with emails..

EMAIL BLAST ……..05 -.03 each..
We can do a mortgage email blast using your specific mortgage data or ours.Nationwide.Full tracking reports and everything needed to monitor your successful campaign..You can use your outgoing piece or we can make one for you…

Mortgage Marketing Data AS LOW AS .01 PER RECORD And LESS!
This is an excellent resource for outbound marketing campaigns such as direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. We can filter all data through the following parameters – State, Loan Amount, Current Interest Rate, LTV, and Credit Rating. These lists are between fifteen days and four years old. All have expressed interest in refinancing within that period of time.

CALL 714-552-4244 TONY


CALL 714-552-4244


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