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Posted: Friday, March 8, 2013 12:30 AM

Organic Chemistry Mentor via Skype Using Shared Screen Technology


“I took Ochem 140A my freshman year and did well below par. I was scared off of the series and put off taking 140B until Spring 12. This was a huge mistake on my part as I completely forgot all the stuff I learned. I contacted Joseph to be my organic chemistry tutor and got much more than I expected. Joseph took the time to go through the material and lecture notes from my specific professor to tailor our sessions exactly according to the class. He showed me methods of understanding reaction mechanisms instead of having me try to memorize them. This made a world of difference as I ended the class with an ‘A.’ He took the time to teach the class at my pace of learning which allowed me to gain a complete understanding of the material rather than a superficial one. Aside from the material we were covering in class Joseph taught me real-world applications of the theory that I was learning. I have gotten a much better understanding of the material than my fellow classmates due to his patient and systematic method of teaching. I have recommended taking Dr. Lennox on as an organic chemistry tutor to my friends who were struggling in ochem and will continue to do so!”

U. Saha
Student, UCSD

PHONE (888) 598-5450

PHONE (888) 598-5450

PHONE (888) 598-5450


“Joseph is the most experienced and professional tutor I have worked with in my 7 years of higher education. Punctual and organized, he often arrived at our meeting place early and with materials related to my current coursework in-hand. In addition to having an outstanding command of Organic Chemistry, Joseph demonstrated a genuine interest in the art of teaching. He often inquired about the teaching methods used by my instructors, and explained concepts in terms of how they may be posed on an exam. Furthermore, Joseph was generous with his time, going out of his way to ensure that I had every resource to succeed. It was not uncommon that I would receive an email within hours of our last meeting, following up on concepts I had found challenging with additional study resources. At the end of every meeting, Joseph reminded me that he was always available for questions via email and telephone. I recommend the tutoring services of Dr. Lennox enthusiastically and without reservations.”

Elizabeth M., M.S. (SDSU)
Current Medical Student


“I recently finished taking Organic Chemistry from National University thanks to Lennox Tutoring! The class was accelerated, which was a challenge for me since I have not had a chemistry class in 15 years. My plan was to start the tutoring sessions in advance so that I would be familiar with the concepts before they were presented in class. I knew I needed someone who could actually TEACH ME the material, Joseph was perfect. He took the time to become familiar with what my course was requiring. Then, systematically, went through each lesson with me. Joseph took the time to observe how I learn and modified his techniques to my learning needs. I felt that he had mastered the material and knew how to explain the concepts multiple ways. His patience was abundant, he was always willing to go over anything I did not understand again and again until I felt comfortable. I am very happy that I used his tutoring services, and recommend him highly. Thank you Joseph!”

Julia (National University)
Current Nursing Student

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